The project

My name is Timur Fatkulin. I’m a penmanship enthusiast, artist and designer. As long as I remember myself I have always been fascinated by the beauty of old handwritten letters and records. Eventually my love for handwriting grew into creating penmanship art pieces, and also teaching this skill to those who are interested. The Loops&Tails intitially started as handwriting teaching project.

Meticulous human touch and attention to details make an exclusive combination, create history and stay in hearts forever. I find that authentic Penmanship creates this unique and personalised experience. Unfortunately the art of handwriting fades as technology takes over our living experience, which in turn makes penmanship even more appealing and exclusive.

Being a huge admirer of handcrafted products, I think the idea of combining the Art of Authentic Penmanship with other exceptionaly handcrafted products could yield amazing results. I’m very open to discuss ideas for possible collaboration projects.

Drop me a line email at or use a contact form.